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Since 2001

Perfect Foundry Grinding at 1/3 of Cost of Hand Grinding


Welcome to PS Auto Grinding Limited (PSAG). PSAG supply a range of Automatic Grinding Machines called Koyama ECO Series 400 and Series 500 to the Foundry Trade. These machines cut and grind castings to make them ready for the final finishing process or straight to despatch to customers.


PSAG are Market Leaders in this field with more than 3000 installations in fettling departments worldwide of the product worldwide and sell to 19 Countries presently in Europe alone....and growing.


Tune into PS Auto Grinding Video Channel to view a large selection of video in a variety of Languages including, English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Polish, French, Czech Republic, Swedish


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The principles of ECO Series 400 & 500 Series machines are simple;


Machines are programmed, edited, operated and maintained by workers with no previous programming experience. From zero knowledge to capable in as little as 2 days


- Almost 100% of castings presented to the machine within the specification can be ground 100% due to patented wheel mechanism unique to these machines


- Machines are 3,4 or 5 times faster than a manual worker and one operator can work 2 or 3 machines easily with no exposure to dust, noise or vibration


- ECO Series 400 &500, made in Japan, are designed to work 23 hours a day, 6 days a week with almost perfect reliability. 


- Machines have low spares consumption and life at 3 shift working of 15 years as a minimum   



ECO Series 400 and Series 500 are suitable for Aluminium, Iron, Bronze and Brass


Short, load bearing arm hold the casting in an almost infinate range of positions whilst patented tilting cutting and grinding wheels ensure that almost all castings can be ground in one fast cycle. Programming can be done in as little as one hour by non skilled workers and the fixtures to hold the casting can be made quickly and inexpensively. It is common for Foundries to have 100's of programs and changeovers can be made in less than 5 minutes.

Castings are produced to an accuracy of 0.1mm to 0.3mm, each and every time, depending on the level of flash.



What ECO PSAG Series 400 and Series 500 offer to Foundries is;


1. A reduction of at least 50% on grinding costs on average


2. Almost guaranteed productivity with elimination of bottleneccks


3. Repeatable quality every casting......to very close tolerances less than 1mm


4. Flexibility...... 100's of programs can be made quickly and cheaply


5. Finish..... Casting buyers worldwides from OEMs are specifying perfect finish of castings  processed in Koyama machines from PS Auto Grinding


6. Safety...Elimination of accidents, industrial diseases such as noise, dust and hand Aarm Vibration (HAVS) reduce risk greatly and improve employee engagement

With representation across the extended European markets please contact us for a Free Survey to initally assess the money saving, quality and safety situation at your Foundry. PSAG would then conduct Free Proving Trials to allow detailed technical and commercial analysis.  


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Below is a typical applications. Please contact PSAG to view video of castings that you produce. With 50 Million castings ground in PSAG machines every year in Europe alone it is very possible that we can show you a video that is close to your castings.




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